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Eva Uhl - Physiotherapist & Osteopath

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Within the body we have Fascia is an internal connective tissue that wraps around organs, providing support and holding parts together. It has the appearance of a very thin spider web, connecting layers of muscle and surrounding all internal body tissues. Fascia is a fibrous tissue that is extremely strong but is also very flexible. Healthy fascia is relaxed and wavy in configuration, providing a cushioning of other tissues and structures, allowing us to move safely without restriction or pain.

Following all physical or emotional trauma, inflammation or prolonged poor posture the fascia scars and hardens in the affected area. This causes the fascia network to lose its cushioning mechanism and the internal structures can become pulled out of alignment as the fascia binds down. Where the fascia is `bound down' it compresses blood vessels and nerves, impeding circulation of blood and fluid and adversely affecting nerve conduction. There is tension on nearby structures and along lines of fascia pull. It is therefore possible for a person to report symptoms in one area of the body that may originate from another site.

The result of fascia restrictions are pain, imbalances and discomfort, and the body's healing capabilities are compromised.

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