During your initial consultation, an osteopath will ask questions about your problem and symptoms. They may also ask questions about your medical history, any medications you are taking or other factors that may not appear to be directly related to your problem. If your medical condition changes during the course of your osteopathic treatment, you should tell your osteopath. Your osteopath may ask about any recent X-rays, scans or test results that you may have. Depending on the area of your body requiring treatment, your osteopath may ask you to undress to your underwear. It’s important that you feel comfortable, so you may want to wear loose pants or bring some loose clothes to change into.

Next, your osteopath will conduct a full osteopathic examination. This may involve diagnostic, orthopaedic or neurological tests, postural assessments and activities or exercises, which will help determine how best to manage your condition. The examination may include passive and active movements, such as the osteopath lifting your arms or legs. As part of the examination, you may also be asked to bend over or stand in your underwear. Be sure to wear comfortable, flexible and appropriate underwear.

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Sports massage/deep tissue massage focuses on treating soft tissue aches, pains and injuries that are associated with recreational activities. Sports massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various massage techniques, to enhance muscle performance, aid in the healing process and inhibit motor-neuron excitability. Massage can also improve health and well-being by inducing relaxation

CranioSacral therapy

CranioSacral therapy is so gentle that it is suitable for babies, children, the elderly, as well as adults. Treatment can aid almost any condition, raising vitality and improving the body's capacity for self-repair. You may experience states of deep relaxation, heat, tingling sensations and energy releases. CST is so gentle that it is safe and suitable for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, and also people in fragile or acutely painful conditions. It is safe to do during the second and third trimester in pregnancy, after an operation, accident, fall or injury, and for young babies.

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