Yope Natural body butter. A delight for your skin and your senses!

Modern life is lived on the run. Between work and everything else that needs to be done, we’re lucky to find time for family and friends. But most of the time by the end of the day we discover that we never make time for ourselves. At YOPE we know what this feels like! That’s why we’ve created a product that can turn an everyday moment into pure pleasure. What’s more, it works to soften skin when simple moisturising just isn’t enough, and that’s something many of our customers have been waiting for.

We’re delighted to introduce our new line of rich body butters, formulated to deliver lasting moisture and envelop the skin for maximum comfort and hydration. This product is more than a deep moisturiser – it’s a shortcut to deep relaxation. Ideal for very dry skin, YOPE body butters are also great whenever you need that extra touch of soothing intensive care. Our rich formula combines nutrient-rich shea and murumuru butters with a complex of avocado, coconut and olive oils. Choose from six combinations of botanical extracts, each featuring a different signature fragrance and different benefits for your skin.
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