We now know that 90% of the things on the skin we call ‘ageing’ are directly caused by the sun, this is called ‘photoaging.'

Photoaging is almost inescapable, as it is hard to steer completely clear of the sun. As you take the time to consider the amount of “face-time” you give the sun, also be aware of the skin products that you can use to combat and reduce the effects of the damaging rays of the sun.

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

The sun is constantly beaming UVA and UVB rays down on you; those rays have a great effect on your cells, which can lead to substantial skin damage.

C E Ferulic is a unique formulation that can be used to reinforce the skin with its chemical structure boasting both vitamins A & E. It also contains a large amount of antioxidants which shield the body from free-radicals. Free radicals are formed when week atoms split and cling to the nearest cells, your skin cells, to complete its molecular structure. This then throws off the even pattern of your cells and can lead to extensive skin damage over time. A way to combat these free radicals is to use the C E Ferulic’s high-antioxidant levels to even out the molecular structure on your face, and leave your skin calmed and even.

As well as neutralising the free-radicals, the C E Ferulic also offers a collagen stimulating synthesis to help skin look firm and smooth of wrinkles and lines. This medical grade solution which has a low PH and a small molecule size which absorbs into the skin completely, allowing you the ability to add lotion or sunscreen etc whilst not removing the beneficial vitamins and antioxidants the C E Ferulic provides your skin.