Welcome to our April newsletter . Thank you for all your support in voting on the Image beauty awards - Izabela won the award for the Best nail Technician – she is thrilled and we are all delighted for her – she deserves it.

Skin health comes from the inside out and is especially important when your skin has to combatIzabela both cold and windy weather, hot sunshine and central heating. “Free radicals” are part and parcel of being alive and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. They are, in a nutshell, the by-product of our body’s cells breathing. However, we don’t want them to linger, causing damage to neighbouring cells.

Certain nutrients, called antioxidants, can neutralise free radicals, and one of the best is vitamin C. Make sure that your diet is packed with vitamin C-rich, lightly steamed vegetables that retain their nutrient content. Because vitamin C is vital to the creation of collagen – the main protein in our skin and other connective tissue – it can help us to stay younger looking too. Give your vitamin C status a boost by taking 1000mg per day as magnesium ascorbate.

Catherine WaringLikewise externally our skin is exposed to free radical damage which causes collagen damage resulting in wrinkles. Using a topical vitamin C helps to protect the skin – not all topical vitamin C serums are equal – Skinceutical are the originators of antioxidants – they contain a pharmaceutical grade ingredients so have the ability to really change the skin in a very positive way. Skinceutical’s won the award for ‘most innovative skincare brand’ at the recent Image beauty awards. (Pictured left: Catherine Waring collecting the award for most innovative skin care line at the Image magazine beauty awards on behalf of Skinceuticals.)

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