Supercharge your skincare with a hydrating treatment that will leave your pores refreshed and radiant, says ROSALEEN McMEEL.

We all know the eight glasses a day rule, but when was the last time you harnessed the power of a water-based treatment to boost your skin? When none of the lotions or creams on your bathroom shelf seem to be cutting it anymore, it’s time to dial up the intensity of your hydration routine. Look for a facial that focuses on moisturisation. 

This usually includes humectant-rich products and masks designed to soften and plump skin. Or go even further and try water peeling (water-based formulas without harsh exfoliators). Aqua peels have increased in popularity, particularly for revitalising ageing skin. While many different types of cosmetic peels have been available for years, their basic premise is to remove the top layer(s) of dead or damaged skin.

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