Bronzed Collection

We have been using Bronze leaf spray tan for several years now and we love it and more important our clients really like it. As with all products, ingredients are important to us and Bronze Leaf comes up trumps here with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid which is a fabulous non oily hydrator for the skin, Macadamia Nut Oil which has a chemical profile similar to human sebum – macadamia oil has a non greasy feel on the skin, which gives the oil a nice workable film on the skin and Aloe Vera gel the skin soothing ingredient, which helps counter irritation and skin dryness. It does not contain alcohol so it does not dry or stick in patches. Bronze leaf lasts well on the skin and it wears off really nicely once you do not over spray, so application is important.

Serenity Signature organic tan -  This beautiful tan with seamless application is perfect to enhance those all-important areas like arms, shoulders and necks.Perfect bridal tan. Designed to compliment ivory and off -white dresses, sun-kissed starlets will love this mid-toned hue.

Your Therapist will assist you in choosing the best tan for you.

Signature Organic Tan €40
Bronze Leaf Express Tan* €40

*2–6 hours to develop depending on depth of colour required.

Bronze Leaf Tan €35
Bronze Leaf Tan ½ Body €25
Customised Scrub & Full Body Spray Tan €60

Cancellation/ Late Arrival Policy

At Nuala Woulfe beauty salon and Serenity Day Spa, we require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for the cancellation of group or packages and 24 hrs notice for all individual treatments otherwise full charges will apply as we truly value the time of each of our therapists and the clients who may be on waiting lists.

Please keep in mind that if you arrive late the duration of your treatment will be shortened so the next guest may begin on time.