Yope antibacterial Handwash for kids.

YOPE Keeps the Germs Away

What children love best is to go exploring. It follows that what parents love best is to keep kids safe. (We know a thing or two about this.) Some dangers, like germs, are invisible to the naked eye, but we’ve created a solution to zap them away before they can do any damage. Our new YOPE antibacterial hand wash for kids aged 3 and up is formulated to neutralise bad bacteria after playtime, school, shopping or the doctor’s office, or whenever proper hand washing is required.

We’ve been asked whether it’s safe to expose kids’ delicate skin to antibacterial agents. It’s true that most products of this type can be drying, but our skin-safe formula is a different story. It is made with an ultra-gentle antibacterial ingredient that targets harmful germs without stripping skin of its natural protection. It also soothes irritation, helps restore the skin’s own lipid barrier and delivers lasting moisture as well as does glycerine. Its safety and effectiveness have been confirmed through independent laboratory studies. YOPE anti-bacterial hand wash for kids features natural cleansing ingredients and pure plant extracts in a pH-neutral formula. Hand wash composition and effectiveness has been approved by a panel of experts, including a dermatologist, pharmacist and paediatrician. And the lively and delicious tropical fragrance impressed our most demanding audience – the kids.
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