Yope organic Fig candle

Fragrant candle made of fig tree, currant leaves and flowers, perfect to create a unique atmosphere in the home.

A fragrance inspired by one of the three most popular soaps of the brand: Fig Tree. Its subtle light and distinctive aroma creates an extraordinary and charming atmosphere.

The fig tree is an exclusive blend of appetising sweet notes, Mediterranean fruit and chords of dry and fresh green gooseberry. Full of contradictions, extremely intriguing and feminine.

Soy wax 100% natural, and contains biodegradable material. The melting point of soy wax is low, and thanks to that the candle lasts longer and its melted wax does not burn.

200 g, burn time: 50 hours.

The candle emits very little smoke and carbon dioxide and no unpleasant odor when turned off that can even be used in the bedroom.

It does not contain genetically modified substances, pesticides, crude oil and petroleum products, paraffin, palm wax and beeswax.

How to use it: so that the candle burns evenly, the first time it is lit it must remain on for approximately three hours. Before the next ignition, cut the wick so that its length is about 5 mm.

Do not leave the candles unattended and in places of easy access for children.


  • Cruelty free.
  • Vegan.
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