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Dr Sarah Kate Quinlivan BDS NUI MFDS Edin MSc Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Sarah Kate graduated from University College Cork in 2006 with a BDS honours degree. She worked in both general practice & hospital for over a decade, obtaining her MFDS qualifications from the royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh in 2011. 

She transitioned over to working full time in aesthetic medicine over the next decade training closely under many of the global leaders in modern aesthetic medicine. She completed a 2 year masters programme in Aesthetic Medicine in Bart’s & the London School of Medicine in 2022 with Distinction. 

She is currently completing a year long diploma in Dermatology with the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland. 

Dr Sarah Kate believes in managing the ageing process by applying modern evidence-based, science backed methods. This bespoke approach is focussed on maintaining a natural appearance… ‘yourself but fresher’. 

Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters are injectables that hydrate the skin from within, improve collagen and elastin production, and significantly improve tissue quality over time. Also known as a bio-remodelling treatment, skin boosters increase endogenous (natural) hyaluronic acid without volumising the face.


Profhilo®is a very popular skin treatment, it is not a filler, it is a HA (Hyaluronic Acid) gel, which bio-remodels your skin to treat its laxity. While Profhilo® treatment is based on pure hyaluronic acid (HA) technology, it’s more of a ‘skin booster’ than a filler. It hydrates the skin as well as stimulates all four types of collagen and elastin and is described as a ‘bio- revitaliser’. It helps overcome the problem of facial ageing, making you appear younger. It is made of 100% HA and is unbelievably effective in nourishing dermal cells and restoring natural firmness of the skin. It helps to get rid of crepey skin by hydrating it from inside out.

€ 350

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€ 1000

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Profhilo Body

Profhilo® BODY is designed to use the highest concentration of ultrapure hyaluronic acid to stimulate the production of collagen, remodel the tissues and rejuvenate the skin. Profhilo® BODY is an injectable treatment that contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. The major cause of skin sagging is the loss of collagen and elastin which are essential components for the firm and fresh skin. Hyaluronic acid in Profhilo® BODY stimulates the natural production of elastin and collagen. It draws water from the body to tighten the skin and smother it. Profhilo® BODY is a skin remodelling treatment because molecules absorbed into the skin continually regenerate the skin. The Profhilo® BODY does not just tighten loose skins, it improves skin textures that might otherwise appear frail, thin and creepy.

Benefits of Profhilo® BODY treatment

- It tightens the skin

- It improves skin tone

- It enhances the skin texture and restores its youthful appearance

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Ideal for those who want to restore the naturally youthful look of your skin and improve signs of ageing, SuneKos is an injectable treatment that’s entirely different to filler treatments; this treatment uses a patented formula which combines amino acids (the essential building blocks of elastin and collagen with hyaluronic acid. SuneKos regenerates the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) of your skin and deeply hydrates and plumps the treated tissue. This leads to ‘dermal biogenesis’. The result? A reduction in the severity of your wrinkles, hydration to both the superficial and deep layers of your skin, a desirable volumising effect and a dramatic boost to your elastin and collagen.

This treatment is ideal if you have loose, crepey, thin skin and/or a loss of volume around your eyes. It is also suited to help with lines, wrinkles, crepiness, volume-loss and laxity on your neck and face. SuneKos can significantly regenerate your ageing skin and restore a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

€ 350

Two treatments recommended - repeated as per the Doctor’s advice.

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Nurse Anne Sloane

Anne Sloane is an experienced skin care specialist with expertise in regenerative treatments, allergy, atopy, and tissue viability. She is dedicated with a profound passion for helping individuals achieve radiant and healthy skin.

She holds a diverse educational background that has enabled her to excel in the field of skin care and regenerative treatments.

With qualifications from Trinity College Dublin, Cardiff University and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). She has worked in the areas of Dermatology and Immunology for over 10 years.


Polynucleotides are an innovative injectable biorevitalisation treatment made of short nucleotide sequences. Simply put, it contains codes like sections of your own DNA that stimulate the body’s own cells to deeply hydrate, promote collagen production, firm and contour the skin.

They offer a number of benefits including improvement of skin microcirculation, detoxification and the deep hydration skin. This means reduced fine lines and wrinkles with improved firmness and tightening of the skin through collagen stimulation.

We use polynucleotides  to decrease lower eyelid puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss.  This treatment is safe on all skin types. This treatment can be done in combination with other treatments. You can choose to  use polynucleotides to enhance not only the under eye area but also the full-face for a holistic and radiant result.

Results are visible after the first treatment but for optimal results, we recommend two- three treatments at three week intervals.

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Cancellation Policy

At Nuala Woulfe Skin Clinic and Serenity Day Spa, we require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for the cancellation of group or packages and 24 hrs notice for all individual treatments otherwise full charges will apply as we truly value the time of each of our therapists and the clients who may be on waiting lists.

Please keep in mind that if you arrive late the duration of your treatment will be shortened so the next guest may begin on time.

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