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Skincare through the ages - Guide To Fabulous Skin At Every Age.

From the silky smoothness of a baby's skin to the deep wrinkles of an 80-year-old, perhaps nothing reflects the movement of time as well as skin. It functions normally till puberty; thereafter, around adolescence, clear wrinkle-free complexion starts getting hit by the onset of pimples.

As you age, skin gets less stable due to genetic changes and sun damage further adds to skin woes. Certain factors of natural ageing are beyond our control. But today, we know that the sun, and not just our genes, can be blamed for skin turning blemished and wrinkled with UV damage  accounting for 90% . Believe it or not, a lot of the environmental damage we see on our skin, as we age, happens before we reach 20 years of age.  

Some of the ways to limit this damage is by avoiding excessive sun exposure, using protection against UV rays, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, choosing a skin care regime ideal for your skin type and even including anti-ageing ingredients as early as in the 30s. Also watch your diet, eat wholesome fresh foods, drink plenty of fresh water and get lots of exercise and restful sleep. 

To learn more - Join us on Tuesday evening on our Instagram live where Nuala Woulfe will be joined by Charlotte the Education Manager at SkinCeuticals to discuss this topic in detail. View our Instagram here.