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How to take care of your skin to retain a youthful appearance.

How to take care of your skin to retain a youthful appearance.

The ageing process is of course inevitable but there are several steps you can take to slow it down and continue to look your best. There is a whole lot of treatments available, many of which focus on definitive parts of the face and body, so you can focus on the areas that you want to enhance.

The great thing about aesthetic treatments is that they enhance your natural beauty; they make you look younger and less tired, without taking away what makes you, you.


When it comes down to injectables, the focus now is to refresh rather than over inflate, using strategic placement of product to create a natural, well-rested look. There can be no ‘one size fits all’ approach and a holistic, personalised anti-ageing strategy is required to truly have a benefit.




To have maximum benefit when it comes to anti-ageing, we recommend that aesthetic treatments are incorporated into a lifestyle which has both health and well being.
When my clients visit me concerned about skin ageing, one of the first things that I discuss in-depth with them is their skin routine and the quality of their skin . There are several things you should be doing to make sure that your skin is well looked after and that ageing is kept at bay.
When makeup is removed, the skin is  ready to absorb product. After a long day, your skin desperately wants to rid itself of product and  pore blocking pollution.

Sun protection.

There is also no such thing as a safe tan. When cells are exposed to UV light, more melanin is produced. This is the pigment that colours your skin, which is why you tan. The production of melanin is a sign that damage has already been done and your skin has been injured by UV exposure.
If you like to spend a lot of time in the sun, make sure that you apply sunscreen every two hours and again after returning from the pool. 90% + of skin damage is caused by UV exposure and the best way to avoid this is to apply a good quality broad-spectrum SPF daily. 


Although moisturisers may appear to provide instant softening and plumping, what most of them are doing is sitting on the surface of the skin acting as a barrier. Instead of providing deep hydration our creams are making our skin lazy, causing it to switch off its natural moisture production.
Natural hydration ultimately must come from within the body and cannot in fact be reversed by applying moisturiser on the skin’s surface. What most people really need is a good exfoliator, hyaluronic, retinol, a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables and nuts and plenty of water.

Smoking & alcohol.

Smoking damages your skin, it kills your vitamin C which in turn depletes collagen levels. It also discolours the skin Smoking can speed up the normal aging process of your skin, contributing to wrinkles. These skin changes may occur after only 10 years of smoking. The more cigarettes you smoke and the longer you smoke, the more skin wrinkling you're likely to have. Alcohol dehydrates the skin Alcohol also depletes our body of vitamin A, which plays an important role in keeping our skin firm and youthful. Alcohol can cause premature ageing to our eyes


This, alongside a personalised in clinic treatments can have a positive impact when it comes to helping you  look more youthful for longer.


July 08, 2019

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