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January 28, 2021 1 min read

According to Dr Dendy Engleman, a consultant dermatologist in the UK  and the lady who coined the term “maskne”, wearing a 100% silk mask is one of the best things we can use for our skin due to the softness of the fabric. Silk is a game changer in that it allows you to breath freely plus they look so much prettier. 

Link to beautiful 100% Mulberry silk made in Ireland

Some other tips would be to reduce the amount of product you wear under your mask.

  • Avoid greasy heavy creams or makeup. 

  • Clean your skin thoroughly every evening.

  • Avoid touching your skin.

  • Avoid using oil on your skin. 

  • Wash your mask after every use - take care to rinse it thoroughly. 

  • A gentle wash in the washing machine is a good option. 

  • If your skin is spotty and irritated - think about take a zinc supplement to help heal your skin. Read more about Zinc here:


  • Clinisept is a product we now stock . It has a anti-microbial & disinfecting action

  • It is very gentle on the skin yet very effective for healing spots. It has been used in aesthetics to clean the skin prior to procedures. 

  • Can be used to manage skin conditions such as acne

  • Can also be applied to cuts, grazes, insect bits & more. 

  • Clinisept+ has been rigorously and independently tested and proven to be highly effective in killing all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus, in under 15 seconds.

  • Skin neutral pH with no alcohol, parabens, lanolin, oils, fragrance or colourants




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