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March 23, 2021 3 min read

 Treat yourself to a facial at home. 


Cleansers: Choose a Cleanser


Dry Sensitive, or sun damaged ageing skin – look for a cream-based cleanser. SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser.

Combination skin – a gel-based cleanser will suit for example Simply clean by SkinCeuticals or a good quality foaming cleanser – Dermaceutic does a good foaming wash.

Oily Acne Skin - a gel cleanser – containing ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, dioic acid.  

If you have makeup on, do a double cleanse, clean your makeup off first. Then you do a second cleanse, spend some time (60 seconds) working the cleanser in to your skin – face and neck.     Remember even if you have not been wearing make up or even if you have not been outdoors you still need to clean your skin every day.  

To enhance your cleansing routine – and to exfoliate (once or twice a week)


Dry Skin - mix 3 to 4 drops of Retexturising serum in to the gentle cleanser – massage in to your skin all over face and neck. Massage for approx. 60 seconds. Remove with a warm clean wet face cloth. Towel dry your skin with a fresh towel.

Massage your face for 10 minutes with Phyto corrective mask which is a hyaluronic mask with added soothing ingredients cucumber and thyme. It also has dipeptides which reduces the temperature of the skin by up to 30% on contact. So, a great treatment for sensitive, reactive skin. Hyaluronic is a great hydrator for skin – also great for calming the skin barrier.


Oily/ Acne skin

Using Blemish and Age wash or Simply clean wash – enhance the cleansing properties by adding a pea sized amount of clarifying clay mask – emulsify the cleanser with the mask with a little warm water and massage in to clean wet skin – massage gently for at least a minute – you could also add 3 drops of retexturizing serum to enhance the brightening properties.


** You can also do this occasionally on congested combination skin or normal skin in need of radiance.  

Remove thoroughly with a clean wet soft cotton face cloth.



Dry skin - Phyto corrective mask or Hydrating B5 gel mask.

  • Add a couple of drops of your vitamin C to the mask to enhance its properties. Leave for 15 minutes.

Oily Combination / Acne skin -use Clarifying clay mask – mix a couple of drops of blemish and age serum with the mask prior to applying it. Leave for 15 minutes.


Add a treat for your eyes.


Soothing eye mask – make some camomile herb tea, allow to cool – soak 2 x good sized pieces of cotton wool in herb tea. Lie back put the damp cotton pads on your eyes – relax and enjoy.  

If you wish you can pop the damp cotton pads in a freezer bag and pop in the freezer for 10 mins to chill not freeze – it should not be too cold – this is a lovely treat for sensitive tired eyes.  


  • Remove mask thoroughly
  • Apply toner to damp cotton and apply all over.
  • Tissue dry skin



Dry – Sensitive skin

Apply 4 drops of your vitamin C serum – pat in to the skin – leave for 30/60 seconds. CE FERULIC is a good option.

Apply 4 drops of hyaluronic serum. / Redness Neutraliser.

Apply moisturiser if your skin is dry or dehydrated.

Apply SPF. Choose a broad spectrum spf.

Oily acne skin

Apply 4 drops of your vitamin C serum – pat in to the skin – leave for 30/60 seconds. Phloretin CF OR Silymarin CF are good options.

Apply 4 drops of hyaluronic serum.

Apply moisturiser if your skin needs it. Hyaluronic serum is often sufficient

Apply SPF. Choose a broad-spectrum SPF. A mineral based SPF works well on this skin type.


PM .

Dry Sensitive Skin


  • HA Intensifier – Resveratrol BE
  • Triple Lipid restore
  • A.G.E Interrupter
  • Redness Neutraliser
  • Retinol / Glycolic


Call us to discuss to advise you .


Oily / Acne skin


  • Blemish and age serum
  • Hydrating B5 Gel
  • Alternate with - Retinol or Glycolic 10 renew overnight depending on your skin type - call us for advice . 

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