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Clinisept skin care .

Clinisept skin care .

The active ingredient in Clinisept+ is sodium hypochlorite. A patent pending chemical process is used to trigger a chemical reaction which converts the hypochlorite into an ultra-pure, stabilised hypochlorous solution. In fact, Clinisept+ has been proven to contain more than 90% pure hypochlorous – far exceeding the purity of any competitor product claiming to contain hypochlorous.


Hypochlorous is the same chemistry that powers the human immune system. It is produced by the white blood cells in the body to combat infection and is widely acknowledged as the most effective disinfection agent known, owing to its ability to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Because Clinisept+ causes no irritation, it can be re-applied during and after the procedure to maintain high levels of hygiene throughout.


Clinisept+ Skin products should be used by the patient following all skin care procedures. It should be applied two to three times a day, until the treated area has completely recovered. It can be applied by spraying on directly onto the skin or by soaking a cotton pad or gauze and applying onto the skin.


Clinisept+ is so effective because of the high purity of the hypochlorous content. Despite its efficacy, hypochlorous is not absorbed by human skin cells. Clinisept+ hypochlorous technology has a skin neutral pH and contains no alcohol, petroleum, lanolin, oils or parabens. It is non-toxic and non-irritant to human skin and is even non-cytotoxic to human skin cells.

Clinisept+ uses an oxidising method of action which causes no harm to human skin, even to re-growing skin cells.

You may find it has a mild smell of swimming pools when first applied. This is because that is how pure hypochlorous smells. We have chosen not to add fragrance to the product to ensure the purity of the hypochlorous and to avoid irritation for sensitive skin.


Clinisept+ products are very safe to use and have been proven non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritant to skin and non-irritant to eyes. Always follow the instructions for usage on the bottle and keep out of the reach of children.


Clinisept+ has been subjected to comprehensive dermatological testing and has been found to cause no contraindications.


Phosphoric acid is used in the manufacturing process to form the hypochlorous in Clinisept+. This process produces a solution with a pH that matches that of human skin and which is far less acidic than most carbonated soft drinks.

September 17, 2023

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