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February 21, 2018 2 min read

Celliss by DMS Wellness

The Slimming System

The Celliss is a mechanical massaging chair that reproduce the palpating-rolling technique on all the treated areas at the same time. This is made possible by a mechanic and non invasive aspiration/percussion technology. The chair is equipped with the latest technologies in order to bring an optimal comfort while preserving the treatment efficiency.

The fat cells represent the biggest part of the adipose tissue (15 to 20 kg for a normal sized person, 70 kg). Their number can reach 150 to 200 billions. Each cell can increase its volume x 50 by capturing the fat. The volume and shape of fat cells provokes a visible deformation of the surface of the skin. This compression is an obstacle to the venous and lymphatic circulation (heavy legs, swelling, water retention, cellulite …).

The Total Slimming System is the DNA of the Cellumassage.Firstly , the mechanical aspiration breaks down the fat cell clusters, stretching and moving the fatty tissue. This improves the aspect of the skin, clears the pressure of adipocytes on venous and lymphatic circuits and thus restores drainage. Secondly, the mechanical percussion highly compresses the adipocytes while stimulating lipolysis (natural process of fat release) and activating the venous and lymphatic circuit. The Cellumassage technology allows us to treat 5000 cm2 of the body at the same time, whereas other technologies or manual treatments operate only on a small region at a time.

There are two essential proteins within the skin: Collagen, which gives resistance to stretching and it’s essential to the healing process, and Elastin, which gives elasticity and flexibility to the skin. It has been shown that this mechanical stretching of cell tissue (fibroblast) stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The mechanical aspiration stretches the skin inside of the nozzle and the mechanical percussion stretches the skin outside the nozzle.

Each treatment is unique - There are four programs on the Celliss: aesthetic, sport, wellness and health. For every programs, the Celliss offers different possibilities. For example, with the aesthetic program, the patient can choose between the « anti-cellulite » and the « thinness » option. It offers personalised treatments to meet each client’s individual need. Furthermore, you can select your treatment zone or deactivate specific areas and you can set the intensity of the treatment (based on your goals and skin tolerance). Each treatment is unique and personalised.

  • Removes fat deposits and improves appearance of skin
  • Clears pressure of adipocytes on venous and lymphatic circuits to improve drainage.

Sessions typically last from 15 and 30 minutes. According to the goals and the programs selected during the consultation, the treatments include 10 customised sessions. Treatments are usually taken 2 x per week allowing 2 x days in between each treatment. During the clinical trials on 75 women, more than 90% of those involved were satisfied with the results of their treatment. We are all looking forward to experiencing the benefits of this treatment.

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