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Menopause symptoms - learn how to address root cause and take control

Menopause symptoms - learn how to address root cause and take control

On reaching mid-life, have you noticed a lot of changes in your body? Not sleeping properly? Do you have joint pain? Have you experienced heart palpitations or more anxiety? Do you feel exhausted and more being forgetful? Or perhaps you have gained weight or belly fat?

There are so many changes occurring throughout your body as you enter peri-menopause and these may continue into post-menopause if you don’t learn how to adapt to your new hormonal environment.
Oestrogen receptors are present around the body including in the brain, heart, breast, liver, uterus, bone, muscles, blood vessels and within the largest organ, the skin. As oestrogen levels naturally decline, these other areas of the body are affected too.

Menopause is also the gateway to our biological ageing, so many of our main organs are reducing in size and function too. The volume of the liver can reduce up to 40% during menopause.
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It is no wonder that as women, we feel so out of sorts and robbed of our confidence, energy and sometimes our health when we reach midlife.

But, what we have done in the past to manage our health, very often no longer appears to work in this new hormonal environment. This is because there are so many internal factors fighting against you. We need to learn to work with our hormones, to address the underlying cause of menopause symptoms at the cellular level, to reduce symptoms including reducing inflammation in your cells, setting you up for better health.

Are you ready to regain control of your life and your health?

Our Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapist Edelle O'Doherty Nickels has designed this programme to address the typical symptoms experienced by many women at this time of life. Numbers are limited to assure the best outcome.

To reserve your place call to book on 012300244/012300255.

January 08, 2024

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