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September 07, 2023 3 min read

Your skin is permanently exposed to UV radiation . This  is why your skin has so many built-in defence and repair mechanisms.It is a well known fact that ultraviolet (UV) radiation ages the skin. And the more your skin is exposed to unprotected UV the more damage that results. You may see this as a sunburn. But even without a visible burn, that radiation produces free radicals and “burns” your skin on a cellular level, with damage to DNA, collagen fibres, elastic fibres, etc . 

Antioxidants help to prevent this cascade, as they work to quench the damage. Antioxidants are naturally found in your skin, but they're constantly being used up. This is why the antioxidants in your food are so important: they provide a constant, renewable source of antioxidants to protect your skin. The fact that skin cancer is on the increase may allow us to question the quality of the food we eat today by comparison to the quality of food our ancestors eat . 

Topical use of antioxidants further enhances your protection against exposure particularly when combined with a high broad spectrum SPF.

The right foods can also help regenerate the skin barrier. Your skin barrier has two main functions: keep moisture in and keep irritants out (along with microbes, allergens, and toxins). As you age, that barrier can become damaged . The right foods, including the right fats, can help strengthen that skin barrier.

A healthy gut can also strengthen the skin barrier. Certain "good" microbes which live in your gastrointestinal system. The right foods can promote the growth of these good healthy microbes.

So it’s not just about the right cream or the right treatment, although they can form part of the solution. A holistic approach to health and wellness means that you’re looking at the whole picture. There are a number of factors that impact the health of your skin, and they are all interconnected. To start with, you need to protect your skin on the outside from UV radiation and other environmental threats. You also need to promote healthy skin by providing high levels of nutrients to promote healthy skin recovery. 

When it comes to achieving a healthy youthful skin, you need to look at a holistic approach. Diversity in your food choices, is key to achieving real health goals - a combination of nutrients in a balanced, varied, nutrient-rich diet, with a focus on  nutrient-rich, whole foods diet.

A regular variety of vegetables and a whole foods diet promote glowing, healthy more youthful skin . Balance blood sugar levels. 

Your body produces AGEs when your blood sugar levels start to spike. But that’s not the only way AGEs find their way into your collagen. You can also eat them. Pre-formed AGEs are found in browned meats, fried foods, some grilled foods, and others. Processed foods that contain trans fats are also damage skin causing collagen damage and premature skin ageing.

Your skin has amazing abilities to repair and regenerate. Like all other aspects of health , it requires some support to function properly. 

If you would like to learn more about a healthy diet and lifestyle we recommend booking a consultation with Edelle our nutritional, functional health practitioner. She will guide you through all aspects of nutrition , lifestyle and wellbeing.

Edelle is highly trained expert in her area of expertise- she has a scientific approach to health and wellness.

 Book a nutritional review consultation via https://phorest.com/book/salons/nualawoulfe#/service-category?id=o_L6bW75T9DxjyACZwfrmw

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