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Skincare tips for a defined jawline & firmer neck.

Skincare tips for a defined jawline & firmer neck.

 Skincare tips for a defined jawline & firmer neck. 

They say you can tell a person’s age by looking at their neck. When you make time to care for your skin with regular treatments and at-home rituals, a crepey neck and jawline is the last thing you want. 

There are several factors that cause your jawline and neck to drop or wrinkle. As you age, your skin loses collagen and elastin — two proteins that are responsible for how taught, firm and supple your skin is. Not only is the skin on your neck thinner, it’s also a highly mobile body part that continually bends and twists with the motion of our head. This makes it far more susceptible to wrinkles over time!

Genetics have a part to play in how the skin on your neck and jaw develop as you age. This is why it’s important to take action early if you suspect you’re genetically prone to looser skin in this area. Daily activities are also a contributing factor, the most common being looking down at a smartphone or laptop screen (it’s called ‘tech neck’!).

Sun damage is another factor, over many years of exposure the skin becomes damaged. This takes time to show visibly on the surface.  

It’s common for the neck and full jawline area to be neglected during a daily skincare ritual. Many of us are so focused on facial problem areas that we forget to bring product further down onto the neck area!

After all — it’s not just your face that needs TLC. Your neck and jawline can also benefit from cleansing, toning,  moisturising and protection. Combine with in clinic treatments like Radiofrequency for enhanced benefits. 

At-home treatments for a firm neck and defined jawline.

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated product to bring into your existing at-home skincare ritual or want something to maintain the results of a treatment, you can find a solution in this neck cream recently launched by SkinCeuticals. 

SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair . 

SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair is an award-winning 0.2% retinol cream that has been specially formulated for the neck area. It uses Tripeptide Concentrate to fortify and firm the skin, while Glaucine Complex reduces collagen denaturing, so you keep more of your natural firmness for longer.

How to use.
This neck firming cream has a strong formulation, so should only be used once a week for the first week. You can increase this to twice daily once you’ve built up a retinol tolerance. Massage two pumps of product in upward movements towards the jawline for the best effects. Avoid mixing with other retinol or glycolic products in the same area. You can use retinol/ glycolic on your face and use SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair on your neck and chest area.  


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March 23, 2021

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