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Sleep is Important

Sleep is Important

While even experts haven’t reached a consensus explanation for why we sleep, numerous indicators support the view that it serves an essential biological function. From an evolutionary perspective, the fact that sleep exists in almost all animal species — despite the fact that it creates vulnerability and takes time away from feeding or procreating — is a strong indication that it is fundamental to well-being In humans, sleep appears to be critical to both physical and mental development 

 A lack of sleep has been associated with a wide range of negative health consequences including cardiovascular problems. 

Get in to a routine, avoid computers, mobile phones for at least 4 hours prior to be (I need to listen to my own advice!!) Try where possible to be in bed before 11pm. 

Your bedroom should be dark – preferably” you cannot see your hand dark.” This is important for sleep. Sleep ritual is a good idea , remember you cannot simply drop a child in bed and expect them to sleep. Whereas when you spend a little time preparing them, then sleep comes naturally. Try to avoid watching TV and reading - plan for sleep. Sleep is a habit o try to create good habits.

April 06, 2023

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