January 08, 2022 1 min read


Feel like a treat? Why not book yourself a massage, facial or manicure with one of our skilled therapists at Serenity Spa Glasthule Village, Dublin . You deserve it .

We have several measures in place to ensure we are doing everything to ensure your safety & that of our staff .

We operate a prescreening program where everyone including staff are asked to fill a form before their arrival every day .
We temperature check , offer hand sanitiser on arrival for everyone.
We have screens in all areas including all the treatment rooms .

We have hepa filter equipment in all areas including all the treatment areas & rooms .

We also see the importance of ventilation.

We follow very strict guidelines re hygiene and cleaning. All our staff are fully trained in CovidChampion training. Our new staff are booked for training next week.

We check in with clients & staff daily prior their visit to ensure that anyone who has been exposed to Covid or has any symptoms is encouraged to stay home .

We will all get through this situation, in the meantime take care of yourself & others . We depend on everyone to be honest with us .

Serenity Day Spa Glasthule, Bookings - NualaWoulfe https://www.nualawoulfe.ie/pages/serenity-day-spa-bookings



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