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May 14, 2021 1 min read

Today I chatted with Aine O Neill physiotherapist & owner of @sandycovephysiotherapy clinic Glasthule. We discussed Vestibular therapy & rehabilitation- this therapy has been demonstrated to be a highly treatment for central nervous disorders vertigo / dizziness / balance issues . A vestibular rehab program aims to help all the associated conditions which include motion sensitivity, oscillopsia ( blurred vision) nausea, imbalance, lightheadedness all resulting from a variety of inner ear disorders. Car sickness can be a symptom. All age groups can suffer symptoms. An assessment is required to confirm the condition. Age is not a barrier to results . Vertigo or dizziness have been described as one of the main clinical manifestations of Covid19 as it appears that dizziness has historically been associated with viral infections. You actively work to strengthen your vestibular system to stop the symptoms above .

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