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May 27, 2020 2 min read

Ayurveda has its origins in the Vedic civilization of India, making it the oldest continually practiced system of health care in the world.  Over 6000 years old, Ayurveda (which translates as “knowledge of life”) is a highly sophisticated health science; the ancient texts distinguished between two types of diabetes and described the circulatory system thousands of years before such knowledge was developed in the West. Dr Donn Brennan a qualified Irish trained Doctor also trained as a Ayurvedic Doctor.


Here are his tips on how to protect your health.

For Corona Virus, prevention is the best cure.  But not just in avoiding the virus. Also enhancing immunity.  Immunity in Ayurveda (the oldest tradition of Health which hails from India) is called ‘Ojas’.  Ojas is a superfine product of your digestion that integrates mind and body and gives strength, energy, and immunity. 

There are many strategies that we can use to enhance our Ojas.  These are worth keeping in mind in order to enhance immunity and prevent illness.

For better immunity:

Take care of your digestion.  This means eating appropriately - the right amount at the right time.  Be guided by your hunger.  Eat in relaxed fashion.  Use spices in cooking.  Ginger root or powder is a great enhancer of digestion.

Choose good quality and ideally organic foods.  These have more vitality from which we can create ojas.  Fresh fruit and vegetables, cooked vegetables, grains and pulses like lentils and organic dairy products and almonds are very good.

Research confirms that adequate sleep is essential to reboot our immune system every night. 8 hours is ideal.  Insufficient sleep leaves you vulnerable.  Get to bed early.

Exercise stimulates your metabolisms and this in turn will result in better quality ojas.  So regular exercise, five times a week, in line with your own nature, age, and fitness.

Stress management is essential.  Ayurveda says that ‘stressful activities done in a rush’ is the most damaging for ojas.  Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation is advised.  Cultivating a good social network also is advisable.

What you say and what you do is important.  Ayurveda talks of behaviours that are ‘rasayana’.  Rasayana is that which creates ojas.  Living a life of integrity and speaking sweetly does marvels for your own health and immunity.

Herbal preparations from Maharishi Ayurveda (www.ayurveda.ie) boost our health.  MA 1405 is a herbal tablet called ‘Breath Easy’ which helps our immune system to fight off infection.  Chavanprash, a tonic paste, is a traditional herbal for immunity for the chest.  Take a teaspoon twice daily. A more general, more powerful and better-researched product is Amrit Kalash, both paste and tablets.  Take a teaspoon and a tablet twice daily.   

If a cough, breathing difficulties, aches and pains and/or fever happen then some research suggests that zinc tablets and high dose Vit C (1000 mgs tablets – one every two hours) do temporarily boost immunity.  Maharishi Ayurveda would recommend MA 630 one three times daily with honey after meals.

Read more about Dr Donn Brennan and how to contact himhttps://ayurveda.ie/content/58-dr-donn-brennan

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