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Why do we need to prioritise a healthy lifestyle?

Why do we need to prioritise a healthy lifestyle?

Why do we need to prioritise a healthy lifestyle? 


Approximately 80% of chronic diseases are driven by lifestyle factors . This means that most are preventable. We have control over these factors. We need to address these conditions through lifestyle.

1.Start by avoiding processed foods and sugar . Eat locally sourced freshly made foods. Drink plenty of fresh water. Favour healthy vegetables. Avoid juices . Choose smoothies instead.

2. Exercise regularly. Experts recommend at least 3 hours of exercise weekly. If that sounds daunting, start with 15 minutes and try to do that 2 or three times per day and build up to longer .

3.Sleep. Try to have a consistent bedtime and wake time, even on the weekends. Aim to have seven to nine hours of restful sleep each night. The hours before 12 are the equivalent of two of the hours after 12 so try to get to bed on time .

4. Limit alcohol and caffeine.

5. Reduce Stress . Chronic stress over longer periods has a negative impact on your health in general. There is a lot you can do to break this cycle. Practice meditation, get out and walk in nature . Swim with others in the sea - this helps to stimulate endorphins- helps you feel better.

6. Take up a new hobby .

7.Enjoy a regular relaxing massage .

If you are new to meditation try this breath work known as box breathing.

1. Sit up straight and relaxed in a comfortable, quiet location.
2. Breathe out slowly, being mindful about releasing all the air from your lungs.
4. Breathe in through your nose as you slowly count to four in your head. Be conscious of how the air fills your lungs and stomach.
4. Hold your breath for a count of four (or less, for a count you can comfortably hold).
5. Exhale for another count of four.
6. Hold your breath again for a count of four.
7 .Repeat.

Do this for five minutes three times a week, building up to 20 minutes a day.

Kids will also benefit from these tips as unfortunately anxiety appears to be very prevalent in children today . Teaching children how to live a healthier lifestyle, how to eat healthy foods and how to avoid high sugar processed foods will in turn increase their lifespan and improve their overall health according to science.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or simply exhausted go and see your GP for an assessment. He / she can refer you to the right professional to get you back on track to a healthier lifestyle.


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June 21, 2023

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