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Why you should mind your Microbiome .

Why you should mind your Microbiome .
Your microbiome is an essential component of health without which your body would not function correctly. The microbiome consists of 10-100 trillion bacteria,fungi, Protozoa & viruses living in symbiosis inside us - crucial and critical for health.
The hygiene hypothesis, first written about by British epidemiologist David Strachan in the early 1990s, he notes that in chronic disorders related to overreactive immune systems—such as asthma, diabetes, and allergies—is driven by children growing up in increasingly sterile bubbles . Immune systems are, at their most basic, object classifiers, their job is to recognise what is self and what’s other. Microbes encountered early in life are the first tutors in this process—helping the developing immune system decipher what’s dangerous and what is not. The more families have used antibacterial wash’s , soaps , being exposed to antibiotics sealed themselves into high-rise apartments, and driven cars through concrete jungles,with little exposure to a culture of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses to thrive—and the less likely it’s been for kids’ developing immune systems to run into them. And less exposure has meant fewer opportunities to train. A poorly trained immune system could fail when it comes time to distinguish between a body’s own cells and food allergens, or gut microbes, or pollen in the air. The Finnish study attached shows that kids regularly exposed to planting, earth etc had improved skin & gut microbiome. Being brought with dogs also improves microbiome function. The same holds true for adults. 
An imbalanced microbiome can cause eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, overly dry or overly oily skin , and hyperpigmentation. 90% of your serotonin ( your happy hormone) is made in your gut . Another real reason to wish to have a healthy gut. 
Avoid sugar and processed foods . Eat a varied wholesome diet. Favour home cooked meals. 
Include polyphenol foods such as green tea, clove , cinnamon, nutmeg, berries, pomegranate. Antimicrobial foods such as ginger, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and fermented foods , kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, miso and Keifer. 

April 09, 2023

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