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Your safety is our priority.

Covid19 safety at the nail bar at Serenity day soa

We have taken all the precautions and continue to keep updating our protocols around Covid19 .

  • We had a health & safety & risk assessment to include Covid19 safety completed with Sea Change prior to our return to business in July . 
  • Your safety and the safety of our staff is the priority for us . 
  • We have always paid great attention to high standards of hygiene & safety. 
  •  We have enhanced this policy since our return to work . 
  • Prior to your visit , we will send you a Covid-19 consent form that we kindly ask that you complete & return to us prior to your visit . 
  • All our staff members  complete this form prior to attending work daily . 
  • All visitors who are not booked for treatment will sign our visitors book to comply with contact tracing. 
  • If you have cough ,fever, changes in your sense of smell you could have Covid19 so we ask that you cancel any pre-planned appointments with us . 
  • We ask that you cancel your appointment if you have been exposed to Covid19 or in the company of anyone who has been exposed .
  • If you have travelled to another country in the last 14 days or been in the company of someone who has travelled to another country in the past 14 days. 
  • Please wear your mask on arrival at the Spa . 
  • We have sanitisers available for your use on arrival. 
  • Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities are available for use through the spa & clinic .
  • On arrival , everyone including all staff have their temperature taken to prevent anyone entering the building with a high temperature. 
  • We are monitoring client numbers to prevent the need for public waiting areas . 
  • If  you have not completed/ signed the Covid19 consent form on line - you will be asked to do so prior to entering through in to the Spa. 
  •  We have designed & set up custom screens in all reception & treatment areas for your safety and that of our staff. This includes screens for all facial treatments and nail bar area . 
  • We practice social distancing. Our staff are fully on board and supportive of all the updated policies in place for the purpose of Covid19 safety. All our staff wear masks . 
  • We have custom screens in the staff room . There is no sharing of Delph or cutlery. 
  • Our staff practice high standards of hygiene in all areas of their work.

How to Protect Yourself & Others | CDC


We are very grateful for the great reviews we have received re our safety protocols & screens.


You can read some of them here:

I had a facial last week and was so impressed with the seamless adaption of the spa to Covid-19. iPad or email check list and signature at the front door followed by temperature check and mandatory use of hand sanitiser before entry with your mask. The actual facial itself was carried out with an adjustable heavy plastic partition with soft curves that can swivel easily and adjusted for different heights. Exceptionally clever design which made me feel surprisingly safe. Nuala should submit her design for standard of care in all spas and dentists. Absolutely Brilliant.
Dr Siobhan W.

If there was a 10 available on the ratings, I would give a 10. I was so impressed with my visit today. The facial from Marina was excellent and my skin looks hydrated, clear and fresh. I'll be booking my next one now. My eyebrow thread and tint and eyelash tint from Sabina was also excellent, my brow shape looks better than it has in a long time. The whole team were friendly and the atmosphere was one of safety but also relaxation. Very well done to all.

Niamh F.

Fabulous as always! Felt very safe and well looked after



September 14, 2020

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