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Retinol- tips for use

Retinol- tips for use
Retinol is recognised as the gold standard in anti ageing. The key is to start using it before wrinkles and pigmentation begins . But it is never too late to start . This is a superstar ingredient for all the signs of skin ageing. There is a theory that it thins the skin . This is not true .
As we age the dermis gets thinner- hence sagging skin is a feature of ageing skin - the epidermis gets thicker - open pores and texture can become a problem for some .

There is also a theory that retinol makes your skin photosensitive to the sun . This is not true as such , although I would advise that if you are going to expose your unprotected skin to the sun , I would not advise retinol. Whereas if you are careful and always use a high broad spectrum SPF, you can use retinol. Retinol itself becomes deactivated when expo to UV , hence you use it at night , and it is best housed in a metal tube .

Retinol thins the epidermis leading to glossier smoother more youthful looking skin .

Retinol thickens the dermis leading to a more toned skin .

Retinol also corrects the damaged messages sent to your DNA due to UV damage.

Go slowly- if you over use retinol- The more it gets on your skin, the more it's going to kick cells into overdrive. Your face does what it's told, so if too much of the ingredient sinks in, not-ready skin will surface—and just like that, you're left with red, peeling irritation. You need to mind this skin . Vaseline if you are not sensitive can sometimes be your best option just for a couple of nights to soothe & repair . The occlusive texture can allow sensitised skin an opportunity to heal .

Add ingredients like a Hyaluronic mask or sometimes a serum to this ‘not ready skin ‘ will cause the skin to tingle or sting - this is not a reaction- the wet texture will feel active on the skin . Typically once the gel dries ok the skin is ‘happy ‘ again. Hyaluronic will also help heal the skin barrier .

You can buffer the action of the retinol by using a moisturiser first then apply your retinol - remember a small amount goes a long way. Retinol has a very good delivery system and will absorb through the moisturiser.

May 05, 2022

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