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March 10, 2021 2 min read

Plan for some 'Time For You' to relax .


For many, anxiety is high and you may have slipped out of your old, healthy routines and self care habits.

Being truly healthy and happy is not just about eating all the right things and spending half your life exercising.

Emotional, mental and social health is a vital part of true wellness too.

Give yourself a mini spa day at home at least once a month. Preferably, why not give "YOU" some time every Sunday.  Remember, this is not just for women. Self-care is for men too.

I understand life is busy. So plan to have your 'Me'  time when you will not be disturbed. 


1. Soak in a warm, therapeutic, bubble bath of nourishment.


Fill your bath with your favourite bubble bath, bath bomb, sea salts and light a candle or two. Listen to some relaxing, tranquil music and enjoy the aromas.

2. Give yourself a mini facial


Make each step therapeutic and relaxing. Take your time, even when you cleanse your skin. Once your skin is fresh, apply your hydrating mask, also using this time to apply your nourishing body cream or balm. Find a calm relaxing space, and once again, listen to tranquil music. Alternatively, delve into a book that you have always wanted to read or listen to an audio book or podcast.


3. Finishing off, apply your serums or moisturiser to your face, neck and décolletage.


4. Make yourself to a herbal tea.


Many of these herb ingredients help to reduce muscle inflammation, anxiety, stress and aids digestion and nasal congestion for a comfortable nights sleep. Choose one with dries herbs, for example @Pukkaherb teas.


Here are some of my top picks. 

1. Chamomile
2. Lavender
3. Passion flower
4. Lemon balm
5. Decaffeinated green tea
6. Peppermint/ spearmint
7. Lemongrass
8. Magnolia bark

If you would like any further advice, please get in touch.

Thinking of you all, stay healthy.



Senior Therapist at Serenity Day Spa. Dublin. 



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